Play Store for PC download

Google Play store provides access to the highest number of Android apps. The range of apps on this application interface far exceeds other platforms, including OS suites of PCs. For such reasons, you might want to download Google Play Store on your PC.

How to get Google Play Store on your PC?

  • Apps that can be run on Android devices can be run on your PC, whether they are free or come for a price. To get started with Google Play Store on your PC, you need to find an emulator platform. This will enable you to run Google Play Store on your PC.
  • In order to get an emulator software for Google Play Store on your PC, there are certain programs you can check out. Here we explore three kinds of emulator programs that will enable you to run Google Play Store on your PC.

Download BlueStacks and how to run Google Play Store through it

  • Step 1

BlueStacks is one of the pioneering programs for emulating an Android environment on your PC. Log-in to your web browser in order to search for this program.

  • Step 2

Search for BlueStacks which is offered as an Android emulator program for PCs. You will find several search results for it. Ensure that the site you choose to download it from is a reliable site. Before you download BlueStacks you need to ensure that the version you choose to download would be compatible with your PC. Check OS compatibility before download.

  • Step 3

After you have finalized the website from where you wish to download the program, choose the folder or download location for the file. After the download is completed, the extraction program needs to be run.

  • Step 4

The program would be saved in the targeted folder or a desktop icon created if you have specified accordingly. After installation is done, double-click to open BlueStacks Android Emulator.

  • Step 5

Once the BlueStacks emulator program is installed, you can now download Google Play apk file on it.

  • Step 6

Once Google Play store is successfully installed on BlueStacks on your PC, it would be ready for operation. Google Play Store on your PC would run as on any Android device. You need to key in your login details to proceed. In case you do not have any existing Google account, you can create one to log into Google Play Store on your PC.

  • Step 7

Once you have logged into Google Play Store on BlueStacks on your PC, all categories would be open for exploring. There are different apps that Google Play Store offers, of different categories. In order to download apps through Google Play Store on your PC, you can use the search option or simply browse through the different categories.

  • Step 8

Once you have downloaded apps through Google Play Store on BlueStacks, they will play on your PC, but there might be compatibility issues as the apps are not built to work on PC OS. Hence, you might not be able to use all the features and functionalities of the apps on your PC.

Google Play Store for PC through Android

This is a popular program that is similar to BlueStacks. It is also an emulator program for PCs that helps to create a simulated environment for Android apps to run on PCs.

  1. Log-in to the internet using the web browser on your PC.
  2. Look for android emulator program on Google. This will showcase all possible results and sites from where you can download this program.
  3. Choose a reliable site to download the program. Once you have shortlisted a site, you need to ensure that the program version available for download would be compatible with your PC. The emulator program usually comes free for downloads. Once you have downloaded the executable file on your PC, run the installation program.
  4. The installation program will then open and install the program among the list of applications already existing on your PC. Double click to open the application. This will showcase the different Android apk files that it supports. You would be able to find Google Play Store easily on this platform.
  5. The emulator program will allow Google Play Store app to work on your PC. There are different kinds of applications that you might wish to access. These would be easy to run through this emulator program.
  6. In order to get started, ope Play Store on your PC. Open the application and log on, using a Google account credentials. In case you do not have an existing account, you need to create one.
  7. In order to create a free Google account in Google Play Store, you simply need to find the link to create a new account. Once it is successfully created, you will be able to log onto Google Play Store on your PC.

Once the application opens up, it offers a world of Android apps for your PC. These will run on Android as this creates a simulated platform for your PC. Hence, you are free to choose different kinds of applications to download from Google Play Store and run them on your PC.

Use Nox App Player to download Google Play Store on your PC

Among the different emulator programs available for your PC to run Android apps, the Nox App Player is another. It is a reliable and free program available that you could seek out and download to your PC to run Android apps.

Step 1: Nox App Player offers an emulated environment based on which Android applications like Google Play can run on your PC. Log onto your web browser and search for this program.

Step 2: Once this program is found, check the different download sites. Find a site that can offer you a reliable download of this emulator program for free.

Step 3: The executable file of the program would be downloaded on your PC. Run the executable file and allow the installation to be completed.

Step 4: Once the program is successfully installed, run the emulator program. It offers a base for you to search and download the apk file of Google Play Store on it as well as other Android programs. Since such files do not work on PC OS, they will work through the emulator program.

Step 5: Open the emulator program and download Google Play Store app on it. This application can be run on this platform and you need to log in using a Google account to get started.

Step 6: Google Play Store is a gateway for accessing the world of Android apps. The marketplace of Google Play Store offers different kinds of applications to download onto your PC.

Step 7: When you download apps through Google Play Store, they will work on your PC via the emulator program. Hence certain features and functionalities might not work as they would on Android devices on your PC OS.

How to use Google Play Store on your PC?

There are several steps involved in using Google Play Store on your PC.

  • You need to open up the application on your Android emulator platform on your PC. Google Play Store needs to be downloaded on this platform. It would be an apk file.
  • Once Google Play Store is installed successfully on the emulator program on your PC, you need to log in using your Google account credentials. Log in using an existing Google account credentials. If you do not have an existing Google account, create one on this platform for free.
  • Once you log in, access the different apps on this platform. These are of paid and free categories. In order to download an app of your choice, use the search engine or browse through the different app categories. Every app comes with its product description, a screenshot of different features, reviews of other users.
  • You can review an app, its ratings, and features and then choose to download it. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you can begin to download the app.
  • Once the app is downloaded, you can begin to use it on your PC through the emulator program. ┬áBesides downloading apps on Google Play Store, you can also manage them through this interface.
  • Updating of apps can be done easily through Google Play Store; notifications are provided as and when updated versions of the apps are available. These can be easily updated through the app management section in the Google Play Store.
  • Deletion of apps is also made easy with Google Play Store. The apps downloaded are available on the Google Play Store, from where you can uninstall them as required.

Google Play Store offers several kinds of Android apps. These can be for utility payments, shopping, and entertainment and for other services as well. If you wish to enjoy these on a large screen than your mobile device, downloading Google Play Store on your PC will make that possible. You can then access these apps for free and use the larger resolution of your PC to view these apps and their features.

Google Play Store for PC opens up a world of possibilities. As the world of Android apps is most extensive in this marketplace, you can gain access to your favorite apps and much more through this interface. However, you might face certain problems due to the PC OS not supporting Android apps directly. Choose the emulator program that is compatible with your PC so that it runs smoothly and allows Google Play Store to function right on your PC. These aspects will help you enjoy your favorite Android apps on your PC and their different features.

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